Entourage (I Am My Own) was inspired by experiences in the music industry

The music business is crazy and it has already taken me on one crazy ride. I have had so many interesting things happen and I have met some of the greatest people on the planet. One thing I am learning rapidly is that it's important to keep your circle of music people as small as possible. When I sing about a team that will ride or die with you I mean it from my heart. As a 13 year old girl I am aware that is important to keep your head held high and to follow your dreams. We all have dreams and desires, goals we set for ourselves. No matter how good you are there will always be people telling you that you can't make it. When people tell you aren't good enough or smart enough or pretty enough you have to ignore them. One thing is for sure, you never know what you can accomplish until you try. Put your head up, shoulders back and have the confidence to walk in any room and command attention. That is what "Entourage" is all about. You must have the willpower to make your life what you want it to be. Don't listen to those who have negative statements because they aren't worth your time. Negative people will try and bring you down but don't let them get in your head.