Music festival hits Miami South Beach this week

I am so excited to be in South Beach Miami for the Urban Beach Week. Many well-known music artists go to South beach on Memorial weekend to participate in the festival that brings big names in the hip-hop music industry. I am hoping to get to listen to a few. The beach is taken over by people looking to partake in the fun at the fabulous clubs and wonderful restaurants that line Ocean Drive. Many of the great food places that line the street have live music and dancing. Just walking along this street is entertainment for the eyes. There is great shopping and tons of great fashion.

The energy in Miami can’t be found anywhere else. The music is everywhere and the people are all out having fun. This is the second time I have come to South Beach during memorial weekend and if you like to people watch you are in the right place. There is a large police presence so it is very safe, however they are aware this is supposed to be a fun event. We have always felt very safe and the crowd always seems in great spirits and ready to have a great time.

Miami is beautiful and one of my favorite places to visit. This is a great city influenced by many different types of music and definitely a place that inspires me. When you come to Miami it quickly becomes clear why people flock to the city for entertainment and fun.