My next Song and a little bit of inspiration from the drums.

I am working hard learning the drum number for the next song. This will be the first time that I will be playing the drums for a track in a studio. In order to play the drums for a track they have to be very precise. This next stage in the recording process is very exciting for me. I think the reward will be the richness in the sound of the song. It’s very fast so I have got to ROCK IT OUT and I have to do it right!

I want to create music that has fullness and real recorded instruments. It’s a little different concept than My Snap Story. My Snap Story is a great song that is true to pop music and about exactly what all kids are doing with their phones. I want to learn and grow from every single song I do and that means putting in some blood, sweat and tears. Every song needs to help you grow as an artist and I think a great way to do that for me is to dive into playing different instruments on tracks.

The recent passing of Prince made me think a little bit about why his music was so great. Prince created music that had great sound. His guitar playing was just awesome. Everything about him and the music he created was awesome, he worked with very talented unique people. Sheila E is a percussionist that worked and collaborated with Prince. She has had a great music career and it really kicked off with the drums. I have been researching some of her music lately along with some other great female drummers like Karen Carpenter. I am not sure who noticed the all-female drum lineup Beyoncé used at the Super Bowl. Yes, female drummers can be totally bad-ass! I love the drums and am truly inspired by all of the female drummers who have created some great music.

Several things must be kept in mind if you are going to record drums in the studio. The kit has to have the right kind of microphone and the right amount of microphones. In fact, here has to be a microphone and a certain type of microphone for all of the drums. For instance, the Hi-hat needs a smaller mic and special placement. Placement is everything on the Hi-hat. The Kick drum is probably the most important and most likely will need more than one microphone. One of those will usually go right inside the drum so that you don’t get too much sound from all the other drums.

The room that you record in is very important as well. The room has to be padded without echo or the drums will sound like crap. If you imagine the sound of clapping and noise in a gymnasium you will hear echoes and reflections. This wouldn’t be good when recording drums so the room has to be small and dead. The sound engineer will need to mix the drums into the song and have a great and solid performance to do that.

Another idea is to play the drums in a larger room to have more of a Rock sound. It’s just a learning process and I am excited about figuring it all out. Sound is everything! Rooms have different sounds, different types of drums have different sounds. That is what makes everything so fascinating.

For a little bit more information about recording with drums check out this website tutorial.

The bottom line is that I am just excited for the next stage in this musical journey. I am working hard on the next song and it will be out sometime this summer. I am working really hard on it and hope it comes out as good as I think it will.